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RPET Plastic is the answer to the plastic packaging problem.

RPET Plastic, short for recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate and also known as recycled PET, is essentially plastic sheet or film that has been manufactured from recycled plastic packaging that would otherwise have gone to landfill or have been incinerated. PET is the most commonly used plastic in the world, so in the fight against pollution and climate change, recycling PET (RPET) benefits everyone.

PET Plastic is out there in our environment in huge quantities; simply disposing of it isn’t a sensible or viable environmental option. Despite public perceptions, Plastic has many environmental benefits. PET Plastic is lightweight, strong, durable. RPET requires less energy to produce and less fuel to transport than alternatives like glass or aluminum.   Plastic packaging is also very efficient at preserving the quality of its contents, in particular food, cutting food waste to a much lower rate than its alternatives. RPET plastic can be used as a highly viable alternative to PET. RPET’s qualities make it an effective packaging solution for a vast range of consumer products from food packaging to blister packaging and other non-food applications.

Businesses and brands that are heavy users of packaging products, are under huge pressure from the public and the government to increase their use of recycled and recyclable materials. From 2022, the UK government intends to introduce a ‘world-leading new tax’ on the production and import of plastic packaging which contains less than 30% recycled content, RPET is the easiest way to avoid such taxes. Companies & brands that embrace the use of RPET plastic won’t only reduce their tax liability, WRAP (waste & resources action programme) reports that they will also appeal to consumer demand and illustrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility whilst maintaining the quality of their products.

RPET is a vital component of the closed loop economy, there’s no doubt that plastics are having a hugely detrimental effect on our planet, but by using RPET plastic we can massively reduce, or even halt this damage and allow us all to continue to enjoy the benefits of plastic for generations to come.

Pakway is a specialist RPET manufacturer capable of producing 800 tonnes of RPET roll stock every month,

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