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PET Sheet

We extrude PET in all its forms

Including: RPET, APET VIRGIN, Anti-Fog PET, Antistatic PET & HOTFILL PET

PET – indispensible for packaging

PET is fast developing into an indispensable product for the food and packaging industries, PET has the advantage of being fully recyclable with great mechanical and optical properties. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable , has good gas and moisture barriers and has high impact resistance.

Applications include: Food, Lamination, Print, Household, Medical, Box & Thermoforming



RPET is a popular choice for all packaging users with a lower cost over pure virgin APET, a second life material, saving landfill space and helping carbon emissions. Recycling of PET is well established making it the most widely recycled plastic across the world.


APET Virgin

APET Virgin has exceptional glass like clarity, excellent durability, which makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring attractive packaging with maximum product visibility.


Anti-Fog PET

The formation of “Fog” on PET for cold stored or warm filled Food products is the result of condensation of water vapours on the material surface leaving droplets of water. This not only effects the transparency of the Food product in the cold storage shelf, but also can lead to food spoilage.

By using our Anti-Fog PET grade it displaces the droplets of water on the PET surface and improves the transparency vision and look of the food products.


Antistatic PET

We offer an Antistatic grade for packing of Electronic products.


Hot Fill PET

For applications that require heat resistance of up to 95°c, such as inline product filling, sealing hot tunnel applications & hot drinks
(Not for microwaving or Cooking applications)


PET Specifications

All PET is available with Internal A/B or silicon coating or both (Superslip) to improve slip and denesting.

We can produce our PET sheet in all colours (colour matched)

PET Material Dimension Range:

Min Gauge: 190 Micron
Max Gauge: 1200 Micron

Min Width: 420 MM
Max Width: 1300 MM

Max O/D: 1000 MM
76 mm or 152 mm cores

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