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rPET from Certified Ocean Bound Plastic

A win win for responsible brands and the worlds oceans

What is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Ocean Bound Plastic is abandoned plastic waste that will eventually end up discharged into the ocean by the effect of winds, rainfall, river flow or tides. More specifically Ocean Bound Plastic is divided into three categories:

1, Potential Ocean Bound Plastic: Abandoned Plastic Waste located within the range of 50km from shore in communities or areas where waste management is non-existent or very inefficient.

2. Waterways Ocean Bound Plastic: Abandoned Plastic waste located within a river stream or within a distance of 200m from both sides of the river stream.

3. Shoreline Ocean Bound Plastic: Abandoned Plastic Waste found within 200m from the highest tide limit towards the land and 100m from the lowest tide limit towards the sea.

How is our rPET ‘Certified’ as Ocean Bound Plastic?

The Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) Certification Program was developed by Zero Plastic Oceans in collaboration with the certification group Control Union to protect oceans from the continuous leakage of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) from land-based activities. To gain certification, Pakway and it’s entire supply chain has been audited and certified by Control union.

By becoming the first UK certified Ocean Bound Plastic recycling organisation, Pakway is now in the unique position to provide plastic packaging products containing Ocean Bound Plastic, to thermoformers, that can carry a certified logo, guaranteeing that the plastic used in a brands consumer packaging has been collected from areas that are at high risk of entering the Oceans.

Who are Zero Plastic Oceans?

Zero Plastic Oceans is an NGO founded by experienced professionals in the certification, solid waste management, environment and marine biology fields. Concerned by the ever-increasing plastic pollution of the environment and the ocean in particular the founders started a model for companies to finance the collection of Ocean Bound Plastic (called ZPO Initiative). The cornerstone of ZPO´s Initiative was a certification dedicated to the collection of Ocean Bound Plastic.

Who are Control Union?

Control Union is a worldwide operating Certification Body (CB) with a focus on sustainability.  From its more than 100 offices in 70 countries worldwide, Control Union carries out inspection, verification, and certification services on behalf of buyers and suppliers worldwide.

Control Union has focused its efforts on developing services around the sustainability of globally operating supply chains. They offer a large variety of certification schemes for more than 200 available programs to provide the best options for sustainable sourcing in the field of Plastics & Packaging (biobased and circular economy/recycling), Agriculture, Textile, Biofuel and Biomass, Forestry, Environment, Social compliance, and Food Safety.

Want to know more about incorporating certified Ocean Bound Plastic into your packaging?

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