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RPET Flake Colour Sorting

For purity and consistency

We are the only UK RPET extruder with colour sorting capabilities

At Pakway, we have invested in the latest colour sorting and separation technology based on flexible optical sorters. Our machine can sort up to 2 tonnes of PET flake per hour. The process is quick and cost effective resulting in little down time and the need for manual resources continually checking quality of the raw materials.

Plastic waste to colour sorted RPET flake

Our hot washed, colour sorted RPET flake is put through a specially designed machine to ensure any rogue contaminates such as metals, unwanted colours and foreign materials are eliminated before the extrusion stage, leaving a pure and crystal clear final RPET sheet roll stock product of the highest specification.

What advantages does a colour sorter bring?

Inferior quality RPET flake can limit the end use of food packaging as it can cause discolouration, colour variability, black specks and quality issues. By colour sorting and removing further impurities we eliminate these problems which results in extremely high quality RPET sheet roll stock.

Key Benefits of RPET Colour sorting

 Pure colours

 High Quality Film

 Better Consistency


Looking for high quality, low cost RPET sheet?


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