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We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved accreditation of the BRCGS Packaging Global Standard for Packaging material to AA level certification, the second highest standard possible.

This means that our customers and stakeholders can be assured of our product safety and that our quality & supply chain management meets extremely high standards and have been audited by independent industry experts.

Pakway has always invested heavily in the quality of our product and processes. We first achieved a BRC standard in 2016 and are committed to continual improvements and investment of standards over time.

Achieving BRGCS accreditation is challenging and involves every aspect of the business.  By way of example, issue 6 of the standard, for which we have just received certification, consists of the following 6 sections:`

  1. Senior Management Commitment – For any packaging quality management system to be effective it’s essential that management personnel are fully aware of the requirements and are committed to the implementation.
  1. Hazard and Risk Management System – The basis for the programme is an effective hazard and risk analysis based on the principles from the internationally recognised Codex Alimentarius system and encompasses hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).
  1. Product Safety and Quality Management – Sets out requirements for the technical management of product quality and hygiene practices, building upon the principles of ISO 9000. This includes requirements for product specifications, supplier monitoring, traceability, and the management of incidents and product recalls.
  1. Site Standards – Sets out expectations for the production environment including the layout and maintenance of the buildings and equipment, cleaning, pest control and waste management. This includes a specific section on managing foreign body and chemical controls.
  1. Product and Process Control – The requirements at the product design and development stage including quality assurance, process control and product inspection and testing.
  1. Personnel – The standards needed for staff training, protective clothing and personal hygiene.

The changes to the standard this year have largely focused on risk assessment, audit simplification and putting in place a microbiological environmental monitoring programme.  You can read more about the BRCGS Packaging Material issue 6 here

It wouldn’t have been possible to achieve this standard without the hard work and dedication of our fantastic colleagues and we’d like to thank them all for the effort that they put in and the high standards that they keep. Congratulations everyone!

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