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The COVID-19 Global Pandemic continues to escalate at a rapid rate, as does the impact that the virus is having on individuals and businesses in the UK.

As a BRCS certified extruder of rPET sheet for the food packaging industry, we feel that it is essential to maintain production in order to support our key worker colleagues in the food production industry and to ensure the security of food supply to the UK public.

The challenge in doing this is to also ensure the safety of our staff & stakeholders and to minimise the potential spread of the virus.

To help us to meet this challenge, senior management at Pakway are working dynamically to mitigate the risk by constantly reviewing the way that we operate. We have, and will continue to follow UK Government guidelines and advice to the letter. We are continuously carrying out all relevant risk assessments and are putting measures in place to protect the well being of our work force and the wider public, including; stopping all non essential visits to the factory, stopping all but essential social interaction, providing guidance to staff to ensure that they are safe both at work and at home.

Whilst we are doing all that we can to maintain operations, it is clear that Covid-19 poses a very real threat and in order to continue, we need the support and dedication of our supply chain, customers and stakeholders to observe the same measures and work with us to avoid the spread of the virus.

If you are unsure how are actions may effect your relationship with Pakway, or would like to discuss any aspect of our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will of course keep you updated on any policy changes that we make as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your continued support and please, take care of yourselves and others.

Best regards

Jeff Brunskill
Managing Director

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