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Specialist RPET Sheet Extruders

For Food & Non Food Packaging Industries

Our RPET flake comes from recycled drinks bottles from across the world. We can convert up to 800 tonnes of flake every month

Tonnes of Co2 Saved
Every Month

Recycling 1 tonne of plastic bottles saves 1.5 tonnes of CO2 versus landfill or incineration

We colour sort the RPET flakes and remove all impurities ensuring a high quality RPET flake, from which we extrude high quality sheet

We are the only UK RPET extruder with colour sorting capabilities

From our colour sorted RPET flake we extrude high quality low cost RPET sheet in a range of colours & guages to suit most packaging specifications

Our RPET sheet has a high IV making it easier to process on thermoforming machines

Thermoformers use our RPET sheet to manufacture food packaging in various forms from trays and cartons to sealed pots and specialist packaging for food and non food

Need a different PET Sheet Product?

Although we specialise in rPet sheet production, we also extrude PET in all it’s forms including: APET VIRGIN, Anti-Fog PET, Antistatic PET & HOTFILL PET

BRC Certified Quality Assurance


Looking for high quality, low cost RPET sheet?


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Corona Virus – Covid 19 Update

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic continues to escalate at a rapid rate, as does the impact that the virus is having on individuals and businesses in the UK. As a BRCS certified extruder of rPET sheet for the food packaging industry, we feel that it is essential to...

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